The face of the symbol includes Buddha, the Christian Cross, the Hindu Om, the Islamic Crescent Moon & Star, the Jewish Star Of David, the Native American Spiral, the Shinto Gate of Torii and the the Taoist Yin & Yang. In fairness to all people, the aforementioned religions with their symbols are  listed alphabetically.

The symbol was born out of a dream of hope, healing and peace. It does not imply the superiority of one religion over another, it is about the equality of the messages. It symbolizes the values of love, kindness and honesty taught by each religion.

Spread the message of respect, compassion, tolerance, empathy, forgiveness, acceptance, sharing and most importantly…the COURAGE TO LOVE™ *The message: COURAGE TO LOVE is found on the inside of the bracelet.

Proudly designed and handcrafted in the USA. HARMONY ships for FREE within the USA.

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PAXMONDE bracelets are all available in two finishes highlighted by a rich, antique, matte patina achieved through oxidation:

Golden Willow
Silver Moonlight

Bracelets feature environmentally conscious finishes over 100% lead and nickel free recycled brass. All pieces are protected by an anti-tarnish coating and with proper care, will keep their finish. Please note each PAXMONDE piece is handcrafted and slight variations in finish are possible.

The bracelet measures approximately 6 .5 inches end to end.

Be sure to put on or take off the bracelet from the side (see below image).

This cuff design allows everyone to have a bracelet customized with a perfect fit. To accommodate most wrist sizes, the cuff style offers an approximately 1.5 inch opening that can be gently opened and widened to make it a bit larger or gently pinched to make it smaller. When sizing, encircle the bracelet with your thumb and middle finger and exert equal pressure all the way around the bracelet (see below image). It is recommended that sizing be done in a room temperature environment, as extreme cold can cause metals to become brittle.

Bracelet Sizing

Follow these simple steps to keep your bracelet looking its best:

  • Apply makeup, lotions, hairspray and perfume prior to wearing
  • Remove bracelet before showering or swimming
  • Do NOT use jewelry cleaner
  • Wash in warm water with a mild soap, rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a soft cloth
  • Store separately in included PAXMONDE pouch

PAXMONDE offers FREE shipping and handling within the United States via USPS First Class Mail.

International orders will be charged $9.95 for shipping and handling.

All orders will ship within 1-2 business days from West Hartford, Connecticut, USA.

Packaged perfectly for gift giving, bracelets are shipped in an organic cotton, drawstring pouch, with a descriptive card nestled in tissue paper.