Having positive thoughts and feelings releases uplifting and healing energy back into the world and attracts a joyful spirit back to ourselves. By choosing positivity we each have the power to change the world: one prayer, one meditation, one reflection, one act of kindness, one thought of gratitude at a time.

Through its message, each PAXMONDE™ design carries with it a vibration of comfort and happiness. Wear it daily to reflect upon attracting jubilance and light into your life. Let it be a reminder to put positive thoughts, prayers or meditations out there. Disarm this world with the Courage to Love™.


Pax means peace in Latin; Monde means world in French. PAXMONDE™ - Peaceful World - blends faiths and cultures, spanning ancient and modern times.

Join us in spreading the message of acceptance, compassion, empathy, tolerance and most importantly…the COURAGE TO LOVE™.


With a vision of our world reshaped by acceptance, empathy and sharing, PAXMONDE donates 15% of the proceeds of all sales to impartial, neutral, humanitarian organizations worldwide whose mission it is to advance peace, support education, alleviate poverty and conserve a healthy planet.

IMPAX™ (put peace in the world) our world and overcome suffering, war and exploitation with the COURAGE TO LOVE™.